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Offering You More

BLU-JET is proud to be the only company that is a four time winner of No-Till Farmer’s No-Till Product of the Year Award in the StripTill Category. We have more ways that customize a Strip-Till Implement to meet the unique needs of your farm. We offer more mainframe options, row spacings, row unit configurations, and fertilizer placement solutions. We even offer a longer warranty – 5 years on the Mainframe. On top of all this, with our background in building Commercial Class Fertilizer Application Equipment, BLU-JET has more experience in producing implements for large acre customers needing high volume, and high efficiency placement solutions.

A Better Approach

We do Strip-Till differently than most of our competitors. We’ve developed a better way, and it’s time we tell you why. Simply put, our row units are not limited by a parallel linkage system. Each of our row units are designed to handle the soil, residue, and field obstruction on their own; meaning we can stretch those components further apart, optimizing residue flow. In today’s field conditions, with higher plant populations and tougher BT hybrids, optimizing residue flow is essential to Strip-Till success. The potential to start earlier in the day, get through thick patches when others might plug, and go faster when conditions are right can no-longer take a backseat to the chance of a slight fertilizer depth variance across the width of the implement; particularly when the target depth is as deep as six to eight inches. We’ve got the row units, mainframes, and knowledge backed by years of proven in-field experience.

Discover More

Please explore this section of our web site to learn more about how BLU-JET StripTill Solutions can help you optimize your StripTill operation. Whether you’ve been Strip-Tilling for years, or are just getting started, we can help you work toward higher efficiencies. If you have any questions, please contact us by phone, email, or use one of the forms on this web site.

AT6020 ST
The AT6020 ST is a Commercial Class Nutrient Applicator from BLU-JET's line of agricultural equipment.
Legacy ST
The Legacy ST is a commercial class Strip-Till Implement from BLU-JET's line of agricultural equipment.
The StripTracker is a commercial class Strip-Till Implement from BLU-JET's line of agricultural equipment.
Blu-Jet's Galaxy is a 3-Point StripTill implement built to improve fertilizer application.
StripTill NT (Narrow Transport)
The StripTill NT (Narrow Transport) is a transportation solution for StripTill from BLU-JET's line of agricultural equipment.
StripTill Systems
StripTill Systems are designed for versatility to allow owners to add on features as their Strip-Till operational experience expands.
SubTiller 4 ST
The SubTiller 4 ST is the ideal machine for those who graze their fields or have damage to their soil structure.
Flow Rate Calculator
It's now easier than ever to calculate your piston pump and squeeze tube pump application flow rates and other parameters.
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