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The BLU-JET GDI 200 eliminates problems associated with ground speed and tank pressure variances when applying NH3. The GDI 200 uses a positive displacement pump driven by the heavy-duty John Blue/BLU-JET Ground Drive Wheel. This system allows target application rates at speeds as high as 8mph. (based on 200 lb. target rate with 42.5 width.) The GDI 200 can be adapted to operate with a hydraulic drive system for GPS and GIS capabilities. A three-chamber heat exchanger provides efficient NH3 vapor-to-liquid conversion. The heat exchanger can convert more than 10,000 lbs. of NH3 per hour.

Field tests have shown the GDI 200 can deliver ammonia accurately and precisely, even at high ground speeds or in cold weather! The GDI 200 is fully mechanical - no battery connections or control boxes in the tractor cab. This means the GDI is fully field serviceable. Additionally, you can hitch to the toolbar quickly, without battery connections or in cab control boxes.

Product Specifications
  • Positive displacement pump gives you accurate application rates up to 8mph - even in cold weather
  • Three-chamber heat exchanger converts more than 10,000 lbs. of NH3 per hour.
  • Everything is field serviceable (No complex electronics)
  • Adaptable to operate with a hydraulic drive system for both GPS and GIS
  • Adapts to virtually all NH3 applicators.
  • Quick Hitch and Go System makes renting easy.
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